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the girl who shared kindness

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Share a little kindness. A story about a young girl who comes across a friend sitting with a sad face. After learning why the friend is sad, the girl shares a little kindness and gives the friend a compliment. Through the domino effect, kindness begins to flow from child to child…together each friend demonstrates empathy and builds one another's confidence, one kind word at a time.  


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The Girl Who Loves Unicorn

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Just Believe. Five year old author, Taylor Koelbl, has done it again. A sweet and suspenseful story about a young child's ongoing determination to find a unicorn. The girl tries and fails, repeatedly, but does not quit. In the end, will the girl find a unicorn through use of love, support and creativity? Or will she continue to have faith and believe in something she has never seen but knows is out there in theory, imagination or actuality. Children's book with a fantastic moral and message for all ages.


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The Girl Who asked for Presents

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Do you know a young child that tends to ask for new things, even when they have plenty of toys and books to keep them busy for a lifetime? Me too. This silly and suspenseful children's book captivates children and reminds them to enjoy their own unique creativity. Young children quickly identify with and enjoy the moral this story provides. Find beauty in an empty box. Find beauty within you. Perfect storyline for ages two - eight years old. Suggested reading level is generally kindergarten through second grade.


Spanish Edition


Un lindo e intrigante cuento con moraleja sobre la determinación de una niña en su búsqueda de un unicornio. La niña intenta y falla pero no se rinde. ¿Encontrará un unicornio mediante el uso de su creatividad, el amor y el apoyo de su madre? ¿O tendrá que continuar a tener fe y creer en algo que nunca ha visto? Un mensaje fantástico para todas las edade.