Little Books. Big Lessons.


the girl who girls - mom blog

Are you a horrible speller? Me too. I also commonly defy universally accepted standards in forming a sentence. 

That said, I decided to share my, until now, privately held six year mom blog. Lets be clear. I am not a mom blogger. Those woman have serious talents. There are not overly insightful self-motiving quotes in this blog. I simply relay the realities in raising my children. And maybe while I write about my children, you feel the same about yours. Maybe you read one paragraph of my “blog” and decide the stop reading about my life and start documenting yours. 

Would that be so bad? You can do it. 

Just like you…I am learning. All I have are bloopers and mom/child rants and well…reminders that it’s okay to be human. It’s okay to be you. It’s okay to be me too, obviously. 

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